Criminal History

If you need to obtain a criminal history background check or restriction please visit the Effingham County Warrant Division located in the Effingham County Jail, Monday through Thursday between the hours of 8:00AM and 6:00PM.

Criminal history background checks can only be ran through the state of Georgia. If a more comprehensive background check is required, such as one that would require fingerprint card submissions, you would need to contact aa outside company that offers such a service. 

The cost of a background check is $20.00 if you live within Effingham county and $25.00 if you live outside of the county. The price for record restrictions is $15.00. The criminal history will be available for pick up the next business day. These records can only be disseminated to whomever's name is on the consent form, if someone other than yourself is going to be picking up the history then their name should be listed on the consent form. A link to a digital copy of the consent has been listed below. 


  • Valid Government Issued Photo ID
  • Consent Form
  • Consent Form must be Notarized (There are notaries on site for your convenience.)

Form more information please contact the Warrant Division at (912)754-3449 Extension 4241.