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 June 28, 2016  
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Effingham County Board of Commissioners

The Office of Human Resources

Principles of Policy Creation & Implementation

“Policies should be composed in a manner that provides object clarity on the process by which Human Capitol will achieve the defining mission of the organization. If policies are found to impede or obstruct that basic purpose they must be at a minimum reviewed and filtered through the organization’s mission and vision so that alone each has merit but when combined have purpose.”


Current Employees

 Employee Resources Center


Department of
Human Resources

The mission of the Human Resources’ department is to support the goals and challenges of Effingham County by providing services that promote a work environment that is characterized by fair treatment of staff, open communications, personal accountability, trust and mutual respect. We will seek and provide solutions to workplace issues that support and optimize the operating principles of the County.  The Human Resources department will act as a catalyst to enable all Effingham County’s employees to contribute at optimum levels toward the success of the County.

Contact Us

Effingham County Human Resources
601 N. Laurel Street
Springfield, GA 31329

phone 912.754.2104
fax 912.754.8402



8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

E Verify ID:  185295

Authorization Date:  January 1, 2009

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