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 March 28, 2015  
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Effingham County Board of Commissioners

(L to R) -
 Phil Kieffer - District 5, Forrest Floyd - District 1, Wendall Kessler, Chairman, Vera Jones - District 2,
Reggie Loper - District 4Jamie Deloach - District 3

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Community Spring Clean Up Event – March 21, 2015

The Effingham County Sanitation Department, in partnership with Republic Waste and the South Effingham JROTC volunteers, is preparing to descend on debris, collect clutter and scavenge for scrap in an effort to keep Effingham beautiful and keep litter out of our waterways.  Keeping our storm water system clean is paramount to a healthy and vibrant community. 

The Community Spring Cleanup will be held on March 21st from sun up to sun down.  Citizens will be able to bring their household trash, free of charge, to the receptacles that will be placed at the Fire Station on Roebling Road.   Both refuse and recycling containers will be available.  If you are planning to throw out that old sofa, trash that mattress or clean out the garage, now is the time to get it done.  Hazardous materials such as tires, paint and aerosols will not be accepted during this event.  These receptacles will be onsite from 8am Saturday morning to 5pm on Saturday afternoon. 

In conjunction with this community-wide cleanup, volunteers are needed to help canvass the rights of way for litter and debris from 8am to noon.  Volunteers will meet at the Fire Station parking lot and then head out to walk the roads and neighborhoods in the Auriga Farms and Zeigler Road area, to clean litter and roadside trash from the culverts, ditches and water pathways to keep our community clean.  Community volunteers are encouraged to participate.  If your community is interested in holding your own community clean-up this is a great weekend to do so.  You can bring all of your collected trash to the waste receptacles on Roebling Road Fire Station for disposal for free. 

It is important to keep our stormwater system clean and operating properly to prevent flooding and protect our environment.  Stormwater is rainwater that runs off yards, roofs and roadways; gravity pulls this water to low spots like ditches, ponds and storm drains.  This water collects soils, chemicals and other pollutants such as litter, fertilizer and soaps suds from washing cars.  These contaminants enter the natural flow of water and end up in ponds, lakes, streams and rivers.  Once there, these pollutants can affect the aquatic lifecycles, plants and crops when the water is used for irrigation and even human health when we use these water bodies for recreation like swimming, or eat fish caught from these waterbodies. 

This effort would not be possible without the support of previously enlisted volunteers from South Effingham JROTC, Effingham County Sheriff’s Office, Effingham County Schools and Republic Waste.  A community cleanup will be held in each Commission District throughout 2015 thanks to Republic Waste.  Citizens are encouraged to participate. 

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